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Top 10 Most Evil Corporations



Not only has IBM conspired with the Nazis to kill millions and keep track of their heinous crimes with the IBM tabulation machine. IBM is also know for polluting waterways, the true tolls on the human population world wide where IBM set up shop will never be know. Birth defects, cancer, permanent part time employees. IBM cares little of the human toll, only profits. Despite continued calls for boycotts against the Nazis, IBM continued their relationship.

Excerpts from WBNG on Endicott, NY spill: https://wbng.com/2019/11/21/40-years-after-spill-former-ibm-endicott-campus-still-toxic/ 

Birth defects correlation: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/51854089_Adverse_Birth_Outcomes_and_Maternal_Exposure_to_Trichloroethylene_and_Tetrachloroethylene_through_Soil_Vapor_Intrusion_in_New_York_State 

James Hardies

James Hardies is by far the not only greedy company to ignore the human cost of the continued use of asbestos. James Hardies stands out more than most corps for their criminal negligence.

Union Carbide

DOW Chemical
Smithfield Foods
Rio Tinto