February 16, 2023
Adolf Hitler and the German people killed over 10,000,000 people during his dictatorship. Among the victims, were the Jews, Gypsies, German children suffering mental and physical handicaps, other prisoners of war, homosexuals, blacks, Indians.

Probably the most prolific killer of all time, Adolf Hitler killed over 10,000,000 people during his dictatorship. Among the victims, were the Jews, Gypsies, German children suffering mental and physical handicaps, other prisoners of war, homosexuals, blacks, Indians. This of course doesn’t count the Eastern Soviet block and all the other victims of the invaded countries.

The blood of the “non-pure” and enemies of the Nazi Nationalist Party (Socialism for Germans Only), flooded the streets. And the wealth of the Jews and the pilfering of invaded countries funded the National Social welfare programs for the German people. This was enough to buy their complicity. The autobahn, Fanta, the Volkswagen Beetle were all bribes for their complicity in mass murder. The Fascist government propped up BMW, Mercedes Benz, Bayer and many others with massive subsidies and slave labour. No one declined.

The Rise of Adolf Hitler

Hitler was an unassuming man. Awkward and unattractive leaders rose to ultimate power by exploiting economic destitution in Germany and scapegoating the Jews. His road to leadership started after failing out of Vienna art school, afterwards, he went to Germany where he fought in the first world war. By 1933 Hitler had absolute power over Germany. In 1939, Germany started world war 2 by invading Poland.

In all the madness, even the children were not spared sympathy.

The German Accomplices

Everyday Germans were complicit in the systematic murder of millions of humans and few shed a tear. This is by far the most astonishing part of the Holocaust, how the German citizenry turned a blind eye to their friends and neighbours being slaughtered.

The Nazi Nurses

The Children Victims

The Nazis advocated for the death of so-called children of “undesirables”, were hanged, starved, experimented on, all in name of “racial purity”. Even mentally challenged German children were not spared. German children were taken from a German family with a promise of a better life at the Institution, only to be gassed in the makeshift ambulance and tossed into a crematorium upon arrival.

Josef Mengele: “The Angel of Death” a psychopath. 1911, March 16 – February 1979

Born into privilege to the Mengele tractor heirs, Josef Mengele eventually became a homicidal murderer in Auschwitz concentration camp. Mengele killed over 6,000 children, maybe even more. He murdered Gypsy, and Jewish children by injecting chloroform into their hearts and then killing the other child for comparative analysis. The barbaric treatment of these children was horrifying.

Josef Mengele evaded capture during the German surrender and wound up in Argentina, where a Nazi community still exists in Bariloche. In Buenos Aires he worked as a carpenter, eventually fleeing to Paraguay where he ended up having a stroke and drowning.

The Mengele family has been mum about the whereabout of Josef Mengele, but it is now known that many people aided and abetted Josef Mengele in the evasion of capture until his death of natural causes.

Mengele Tractors Made in Germany
Mengele Tractors Made in Germany

The Concentration Camps

Millions perished in the Nazi concentration camps. In addition to millions of jews, the Gypsies, Blacks, Homosexuals, Prisoners of war, the mentally handicapped were all brutalized in the concentration camps.

Liberation & Return to Normal Life

Maria Mandel

Death of Ilse Koch – Bestial Nazi guard & Sexual Deviant – Buchenwald & Sachsenhausen

German war criminal Ilse Koch (22 September 1906 – 1 September 1967) oversaw the Nazi concentration camps that her husband, commandant Karl-Otto Koch, oversaw. As a worker at Majdanek (1941–1943) and Buchenwald (1937–1941), Koch gained notoriety for her cruel, sadistic treatment of captives. She was one of the first well-known Nazis that the American military prosecuted in 1947.

Following the trial’s widespread media coverage, several authors described her treatment of inmates as sadistic based on survivors’ descriptions of her conduct, and the idea that she was “the concentration camp murderess” was widespread in post-World War II Germany. Koch was accused of removing mementos from the skin of criminals who had been killed and had recognizable tattoos, but those accusations were disproved in both of her trials. Due of her mistreatment of prisoners, she was referred to by them as “The Witch of Buchenwald” (Die Hexe von Buchenwald). The names “The Beast of Buchenwald,” “Queen of Buchenwald,” “Red Witch of Buchenwald,” “Butcher Widow,” and “The Bitch of Buchenwald” have all been given to her.

Brutal Torture of Gay Men under Nazi Regime – Rape, Castration & Medical Experiments

The Resistance to Nazi Cruelty “The White Rose”

Watching the story of Sophie Sholl, everything that I have done in my life to be antiracist seemed so insignificant. Her fearless selflessness and her fight for justice for her fellow human has inspired me every time I think about her. Rest in peace Sophie Scholl, I hope your sacrifice was not in vain.

History Repeats Itself? The Jews and The Palestenians

Alarming parallels can be drawn between the oppression of Palestinians by Zionist forces and the treatment of Jews by the Nazis during the Holocaust. In both cases, a dominant majority group with a supremacist ideology targets and dehumanises a minority group.

Since the creation of the state of Israel in 1948, Zionist forces have been deliberately dispersing and oppressing the Palestinian people. Palestinians have been denied fundamental human rights including freedom of movement and access to resources in addition to having their homes forcibly removed from them and their land and possessions seized.

Similar persecution, forced relocation, and finally genocide were experienced by Jews during the Holocaust at the hands of the Nazis. They lost their property and rights, were confined to ghettos, and were eventually sent to concentration camps where they were murdered and subjected to cruel treatment.

Both the treatment of Jews during the Holocaust and the oppression of Palestinians have their roots in supremacist ideologies that aspired to eradicate or subjugate a minority population in the name of establishing a “pure” majority.

Recognizing and denouncing these atrocities is crucial, as is working to make the world more just and equal for everyone.


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